Charity Work

ITLABS22 Charity Trips

We established ITLABS22 to make a positive impact. That goes beyond assisting small to medium-sized businesses to succeed.

We give back to our local community by participating in various charity events and charitable activities.
ITLABS22 team contributes regular donations and volunteer work to our smaller furry friends at the Ulubele animal shelter.
We also have created tailored charity trips to Ziemeļi, Ezermala, and Apīte orphanages, and many more will follow.

In this section, you will find the latest photos and videos from our charitable activities.

Visit to Apīte

Recently an ITLABS22 volunteer team has visited children from an Apīte orphanage and provided them an unforgettable experience.

With RFS players, a volunteer team held various sports competitions and presented gifts to each child. During the game, a support group was cheering kids up and dancing. 

Children warmly welcomed the guests. They showed their sports skills and actively participated in all the games. Everyone left with a desire to return, bring more joy and pleasant emotions into the lives of these wonderful children.

Visit to Imanta

Recently an ITLABS22 volunteer team has arranged an amazing event for kids from an Imanta orphanage.

Children were happy to show their talents in public. They were singing and dancing, doing their best to charm the audience. After the show, they got diplomas and awesome gifts.

The event continued with a dance class. With a Zumba instructor, kids learned basic moves to catchy songs. They also had a picnic with soda, fruits, and lots of other snacks.

Kids were excited about this event. They were smiling and laughing all day and got positive energy. The volunteers also were happy to spend time with such fantastic children, and now they’re looking forward to the next visit.

Visit to “Rakši” with kids from Imanta Vita

This summer an ITLABS22 volunteer team together with kids from an Imanta Vita orphanage has visited the “Rakši” open-air zoo.

During the tour, children were walking with llamas, feeding alpacas, riding camels, and saw lots of other adorable animals. They were happy to get closer to nature and take lots of memorable pictures.

After meeting charming animals, kids could drive electric cars, jump on a pillow trampoline, and play futsal. And at the end of the tour, they had a picnic with delicious meat and fruits.

Kids were fascinated with lovely animals, and volunteers can’t wait for the next meeting with children from Imanta Vita.

Visit to Ziemeli

An ITLABS22 volunteer team has recently spent a wonderful day with kids from a Ziemeli orphanage.

Volunteers did their best to make this experience unforgettable for each child. Together with kids, they were playing active games, catching toy fish, and trying to hit the bulls-eye while playing darts. A team play helped children unite and get closer to each other. And to keep kids energized during the entire day, volunteers arranged a picnic. 

Kids were impressed with this event, and volunteers were delighted to spend time with such wonderful children. They can no longer wait for the next visit to Ziemeli.