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About us

О нашей компании

ITLABS22 is a rapidly growing IT company that offers a wide range of services with a strong focus on the quality of work, a diplomatic approach to clients and reliability. With an international and multilingual professional staff, we take a disruptive approach to helping our clients reinvent their future.
Our focus is always on the quality of service and our clients, meaning that we don’t stop at just getting the job done. Instead, we focus on constantly finding new ways to make the solution quicker, better and more efficient, thus providing innovative solutions and off-the-shelf products.
Our approach has led us to become one of the prime examples of growing IT companies in a highly competitive tech environment of the region. Being based in Riga, Latvia and as a part of the tech-oriented Baltic region, we take pride in our innovative approach to problem-solving and multidisciplinary projects.

ITLABS22 can provide you with a variety of tools for your online business, while helping you attract and retain your clients. Our portfolio meets the differing needs of various industries with complete outsourced and hosted IT solution or implementation services. Our quality-driven approach allows us to provide all of our clients with an efficient and worriless solution perfectly suited for their needs.
We help our clients in:
— Securing their business platforms
— Increasing efficiency and productivity
— Lowering total IT costs
— Providing innovative IT solutions

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